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Request - Effects Layers

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So, the title says a lot of my request. Effects layers. Like in Photoshop, this would be a layer that would apply an effect to an image, without directly baking it into said image, so I can add an effect to the image, edit the layers below it, and then tweak the effect how I see fit, or remove it. This would be super useful for stuff like hue shift or levels.

I would be happy to see this in any way, whether it's a plugin or a part of an official update.


Not sure if this is the right thread to post this in, sorry if it isn't.

(P.S., I tried to make an account, but the security check failed every time. I tried many variations of what I believed to be the correct answer, but no matter how many variations I tried, no matter how I capitalised the answer, or what variation or wording of the answer I put, (EG: 0, zero, Zero, ZERO, none, None, NONE) it was deemed incorrect no matter what. If a moderator can contact me on this I can elaborate further. Thanks.)
Update on the above, now crossed-out message: Upon posting this, I was brought to a separate page to make an account. I thought the same thing would happen, but I was able to create my account on the very first try, using one of the answers to one of the questions, when it previously had just deemed the same exact answer to the same question incorrect! However, a difference between the two sign up pages was that I clicked the 'sign up' button in the top right, which brought a pop-out. But when I tried to post this while entering my E-Mail, it brought me to a completely different page and didn't display a pop-up. I am under the belief that the pop-up version of the sign-up page is broken.

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