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Forgot Plugin name, looking for this plug

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Hi im a newbie in using paint.net and this is my first forum post the point of my post is simple, im looking for a plugin but i don't remember its name, sorry if this is not the right place to post it but i really need it in a school project.

okay the plugin was fairly simple, you used to go in EFFECTS and click the plugin's box it would open a small GUI where you could write any text in most/all fonts you have downloaded that text would turn into 3D text there was also options color the text and shading color, to rotate the 3D text and move the lighting ( so the upper side is darker or ect ) 

The tool was very simple and was not complex it had a small screen showing you your "progress" after every edit or so  if you want more specific info i can tell it to you anyway if any of you guys are familiar with this pack or know what plugin it is tell me its name i really want it 

( PS: i had downloaded a plugin pack which included this plugin, the plugin also had a lot of BoitBait's stuff like his meme maker, i downloaded his pack but this editor wasnt in it but that shows that i found this plugin in a plugin  PACK i just dont know what pack ) 

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