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Paint.net Memory issues still plaguing an ole man with a bad memory

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Greetings, I still am running into the " paint.net is low on memory" 

I have read the posts about how much memory is actually needed, there is no way i am even close to actually memory getting low on my machine. 


4 Xeon 5975 CPU's 64G of Ram and 1Tb of SSD Hard disk for paging and swap 8Tb of SAS for storage. . 2   2G Nivida video cards. 


<<<<< Before i get flamed my home PC is over kill, it retired server and all in I have less than $500 USD in it >>>>>>>>>>


Only other software running in back ground is Pandora for inspiration. 

 i have same issue with Win10 as OS  and have tried win8 in a vbox. I am running 64bit version and  i am working with images 6000 x 2000  I normally have about 4-6 layers. 


doing the math i cant even be close to my memory limit. The computer acts acts like Windows has placed a memory limit on Paint.net 


Is that possible ?    (for windows to set a memory cap on paint.net ? 


I can when work with other software and render an hours worth of 4k video and not even slow the machine down, 



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