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Update thru authenticating proxy doesn't work ...

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I have a problem using PDN update option at work.

My company is using an authenticating proxy (i.e. : I have to enter a userid/password to access the Internet thru the proxy). When using the update option, I receive the error message "HTTP 407 : Proxy Authentication Required" which is correct. But in this case the PDN behavior should be to ask the user for proxy credentials and retry to update.

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updating through proxy has been known before for giving errors. Best thing to do is go to the download page and download the new version. Then go to add/remove programs. Remove the old Paint.NET and install the new version.

Other then that, ya I to think Paint.NET should have proxy options just like many other programs. EG: AVG Virus Scanner has options for it so it can get updates. Who knows maybe it already in the making or maybe Rick will think about it.

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