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[FR] F9 and F10 for [regional] preview

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As most people know, F5, F6, F7 and F8 hide/show the four tool windows.


So how about making F9 and F10 preview keys?


Pressing F9 only hides all currently visible tool windows while pressed (i. e. if you release the key they come back), so you can get a full view of the image part you're working on. Much like the spacebar temporarily enables the pan tool for as long as you hold it.


F10 could be a full-on "preview". It could do the same like F9, but additionally reset the zoom to "fit canvas to screen", hide any selection, handles and cursors, and disable the pixel grid.


So when you are currently zoomed in to a certain part of the image you are working on, with your tool windows flying around, simply holding F10 would enable you to get an overview over the full final image, but once you release the key, everything is back to where it was and you can pickup the editing where you left without having to manually toggle all the tool windows and hitting Ctrl+B and then later on restoring the zoom level.

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