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Change area filled with percent to solid colour?

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I have filled an area with the paint bucket choosing a percentage. (since then I have saved and reopened the file.)  I now want to change this to a solid colour but it just fills each tiny segment between the percentage.  Is there a way I can do this?  I tried changing the tolerance but it fills too much of the image.


Thank you.


PS I confess I am completely overexcited with using Paint.net and haven't read any instructions properly!  I used to use Paint a lot in the 1990s at art college and it's bringing it all back to me!

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I guess you used a pattern fill. Then you have some options:

1. Use the lasso tool to select the region that has the pattern fill. Delete the selected region, fill with a solid color of your choice afterwards. Press S twice to switch to lasso.

2. Use the fill tool in global flood mode twice with low tolerance, assuming the two colors used in the pattern fill aren't present elsewhere in the image.


The percentage is called tolerance. It lets the fill tool affect pixels up to x% different than the one you clicked. So 0% tolerance will not paint over any pixels unless they're the exact same color as the one you clicked. 50% tolerance will paint over pixels up to 50% different. It sounds like you thought it was linked to the density of a patterned fill, but that's not the case.

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