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Feature Request - History Log Idea

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There was an old (2006) thread here, and I was not sure the proper etiquette to resurrect it, or to make new.  Sorry, if I chose poorly :( 


This is about creating a log of actions in a standard format into a log of some type, that someone can see what was done on an image.  Since the formats are endless, I made two examples.  One just a text log, that would be more for easy readability, but does not lend to future use.  The other, XML style, which could then be processed perhaps in the future.  The idea would be that things would be save to the log, once performed (similar to saving an undo) in order....which "could" be removed in order if undone.  The XML format could, of course, have a style-sheet to make it readable for the general user.


Standard format could be published with requirements, so that plugin makers could write to it based on a predefined format once the user presses "OK" on a dialog or such, and add a line (as in format 1, line 2) or a section (as in XML example of effect-render-bars, commented in that example).


Basically, was wondering if this was under consideration, or could be.  I saw a lot of threads on logging history, saving undo history, etc., and I understand the problems of saving undo history based on that, so I am not going there!  I know this is a big feature, and would mean adding logging to existing plugins and existing code, but never hurts to ask!  :) 


Anyway, just a thought, that could address the question of "what did I do on that image to get that look/style?"  Reason I ask is that I am asking myself that same question, and the brain cells are not what they used to be. :/



Format 1:

1: Tool - Shapes/ Outline / Rectangle / BW:2 / Solid / Solid Color - 236x226 
2: Effects - Renders - Bars / Bottom / Width:2 / Primary:50 / Secondary:50 / Trans: 255 / Fit:0 / Invert:0
3: New Layer
4: Move Layer Down - Layer 2
5: Image - Canvas Size - Absolute / Maintain:0 / PixelW:800 / PixelH:600 / PixelRes:96 / PrintW:8.33 / PrintH:6.25 / Anchor:Left

Format 2:

				<fill>Solid Color</fill>
		<!--Plugin could add this section to the log-->
		<!--End Plugin section-->



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