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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Today I will show you how to make an awesome text. This text was made on Photoshop. And I found the similar way on Paint.NET

So, the outcome of the text will be like this:-



Plugins needed :-

Drop Shadow



Steps :-


1) Create a new sheet with 800 x 600



2) Create a new layer. And name it, " Text ".



3) Go back to " Background " layer and fill it with black color.



4) Now set the Font to " Impact " (Already a font in your Paint.NET) and font size to " 144 ".




5) And type " T E X T " in the layer, " Text ".



6) Now set the gradient color to " Red " (Primary) & " Blue " (Secondary)



7) Now select the text using the " Magic Tool " and add the " Gradient " like I did.



8) Now " Duplicate " the layer " Text " and name it " Text Copy ".



9) Add a new layer and name it " Clouds " and add " Clouds " effect. (Before doing so, make sure your color are set to " White " & " Black ")



10) Now set the blending mode of " Clouds " to " Color Dodge ".



11) Again go to layer " Text Copy " and set the " Gaussian Blur " to " 200 " (Maximum)



12) Now create a new layer and name it " Character "



13) And then add a character (Find one on google). And place it in the middle of the text and set the blending mode to " Color Dodge ".



14) Now add " Drop Shadow " effect with the following settings like I did.



That's all! 

If you don't like the Drop Shadow, then you can remove it or don't use it.

This is the Video of Photoshop Tutorial

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