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Unprompted "copy pictures to cd" Prompt.


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(Yes,I have the latest version and have read the FAQs.)

I'll get to my point,but some background that might be germane. My f secure security package burped,so to recover it,I went into "search" and got it back up to the screen.

When I brought it to the screen,it ALSO brought up,unprompted,my Win Amp and a prompt asking if I wanted to copy my pictures to a cd. Win Amp is my default CD player.

I have not opened the Win Amp since,and am looking for a hipper media player.

The pictures to copy were the ones I had been working with in paint.net. If I hit something to cause this,I don't remember doing it.

The next time I rebooted,the same prompt was on the tray in the lower right hand corner.

I sent it to the trash bin,and it doesn't seem to have done any damage,but I thought I would mention it.

Windows XP up to date,one gig of RAM



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