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It is with humble sincerity when I express my gratitude for everyone who has and continues to contribute to paint.net.

A little over a year ago I followed a lifelong dream of starting my own company in a profession of which I am very passionate. It's a slow process, money is scarce and I’m walking through a ton of fear but I’ve never been more content.

My first website, ever, did look professional but for all intents and purposes it had the appearance of a one page resume with some nicely placed credit card logos.

I panged to create a second website that would stand out from the rest. And, paint.net, the tutorials and all of your contributions helped me create just that.

Before I started tinkering with paint.net, I knew nothing about graphic design. I still know very little, but when I see the result of what you all taught and inspired me to create, I am in awe. I had never created anything like what happened here. This truly was a divine experience for me.

Except for the E, credit card and AITP logos, all of the graphics on my new site I created with paint.net. Thank you again for your dedication and for being the underlying creative energy which served as the catalyst for epeca’s new online presence.

By the way, just incase some of you might be wondering, epeca is an anagram from the word peace.

Keith Parisot, Owner

epeca Technical Solutions


The most difficult part about living my life is leaving others to live their own...there is always a solution.

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