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  1. So I just have a few simple questions about paint.net here. 1. is there a way to make paint.net only show up as one window? it's so annoying that i try my best to only keep one file open at a time so when unminimizing it doesn't show up as 'multiple windows'. 2. is there a way to disable the way undo undoes absolutely everything? what i mean is how it undoes color selection and changing of tool settings, that is extremely annoying and i cant stand it 3. when typing 255 or 256 or 254 or anything like that in a text field it brings up paint.net help in an internet browser, it seems really
  2. I opted into the 4.0 beta... I don't remember which version I was on before it but that was a BIG MISTAKE!!! I don't want to spend the time learning this new interface (yet), how do I go back to ANY 3.0 version that is not 4.0??? HELP!!! (without losing any plugins or filetypes)
  3. Curve tool isn't that good for that kind of stuff because it's easy to make a perfect curve when you have 3 points but like 5 or 6 it's just weird to get it right. And I already tried ripples/distort whatever and it doesn't look wavy, it looks just messed up
  4. When I searched I couldn't find anything. So I'm trying to create the magic effect found in this image: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120930204747/mlp/images/4/41/TwilightMagicS2E24.PNG I tried creating an ellipse and filling it in with semi-transparent brush and use the dents tool on it but its just not... WAVY enough. Is there a plugin or way to add more lines to the lines/curve tool? That would be VERY helpful at all times so I can make custom waves/do more things with it. Thanks for any help.
  5. Very good! But can you make a version where you don't have to select it? Because it's not always accurate w/ magic wand.
  6. Can't there be another line or 2 of code to fix that/set a setting for it?
  7. Uh, that's the FIRST thing I tried... and by jagged, I MEAN JAGGED. (lines match up 99.9% perfect with picture.) problem(smoothness = 0, pre anti-aliased):
  8. Noell, I SEE you viewing this thread >:3 OT: well you can get AA assistant plugin and remove the background with magic wand tool. then use the AAA plugin to get any white on the edges and jagged pixels. edit: Oh man, I didn't see EEW suggesting AAA plugin D:
  9. Oh, I was using outline instead of outline selection... oops... Well that isn't it either. Still the same situation :
  10. hey, what method did you use to outline the text on your sig? It looks really nice and professional.

  11. Doesn't work. No matter the settings with what you suggested it makes all of the selection pure white. And I don't really like using selection that much on anti aliased things. If I try to say recolor something I anti alias, poof, anti alias is gone because selection doesen't work with that
  12. Thanks, that works great. But what about the outlines?
  13. Ok, I have two questions. What is the effect called in this picture? (the background) Also, in the picture, I notice the ouline is MUCH more accurate and generally more quality than the 2 outline plugins I found. (pyrochild & boltbait) On some images I see that are most likely made with photoshop, there are some jagged objects and the outlines are much sharper and cleaner than those plugins. When using the outline plugin by pyrochild or boltbait, let's say I have a square object I want to outline. Sure, it outlines it, but the edges of it are rounded. This should not happen
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