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  1. ... oh. Thank you, friends. And thanks for the absolutely awesome program, Rick 3 years and counting.
  2. I haven't updated my Paint.NET for a while, and after buying a new laptop, I was forced to. However, I noticed that there wasn't a +- tool right about there, as it was in a previous version, as well as a few other less important (in my usage) tools. Is there an option to re-enable it? I can use the actual Zoom tool, but I miss being able to just hit the +- repeatedly.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to Paint, and I am trying to make an animation for a school project. It is a stickman animation, and I want to move a characters legs without deselecting him. However, I also want to save the image at the same time(to put in Movie Maker). Is there a plugin for this? Or do I have to go through the process of constantly redrawing stickman?