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  1. Oh ,that's right... this is the creations thread Anyways, great for those who want to make a little bit of a chunky and flashy ring
  2. Great tut, but I think it should have a bit more... realism? Or is it just me?
  3. I have tried it, but it's just that I didn't mention all the other brushes. In addition, some of photoshop's tools are USELESS... yes, useless. I tried one of the blur tools and it didn't do anything. (cough, cs4) It might be just me, but meh. And onto GIMP... I haven't tried it, but I might some time. (1 more paint tool on my computer = 3 downloaded total, EXCLUDING microsoft paint because I just don't use it,okay?)
  4. Oh, and I'll point out another thing: Photoshop doesn't really have a community, so all their tutorials are kind of all over the place. But, with paint.net, this forum contains just about everything a newbie would want to know about. So if you're looking for community? Get paint.net and you'll NEVER have to search that much ever again. Oh, and no offence, photoshop fannies...
  5. I'd say yes, because sometimes when I am forced to use photoshop when paint.net isn't around, I kind of struggle because Paint.net has features that I know how to use and photoshop makes things a little too... simple. With SAI paint tool, I actually find myself knowing how to use it more than photoshop. But remember, that's just me. ...Does this ever happen to you?
  6. Uhh... no offence, but I can't see the face because it's so bright...
  7. Wow DrewDale, that's great! Problem is, it doesn't really have a lot of realism in it... :< But if you don't count realism in? Fantastic.
  8. I always thought that sharpening it would work, but I was wrong. I guess you're going to have to cut off excess parts and crop it to the size, or you can try get a smaller image if it's from google. ...or you could go find a plugin.
  9. hot hot hot hot HOTOTOTOTOOTTOT http://i.imgur.com/8fyGN.jpg (Linked because it is quite big)
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