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  1. Thanks and me neither. I am a teen myself, and I used to smoke. I quit because I knew how much damage it was doing to me!

    NOTE: There may be a lack of images during the next two weeks. My laptop has crashed and I am having to use a spare. I will try to keep posted, but there will definitely be a lack of posts next week (Week commencing 29 October) due to me being on holiday until Nov 4.

  2. Thank you all for the feedback.

    @cristineparks82: Please read the title of this forum and all FAQs before asking silly questions.

    Very nice combination of abstract images. I would highly recommend you avoid posting your name on public forums (even if most of us are nice people ;) ). With just your name, I can make some pretty sure guesses about a lot of personal information...

    OK, I will bear that in mind for the future.

    UPDATE: Nikola Tesla signature (450x150px)


  3. You can still see the area where you cut out the part of the image in the heart. You might need to smooth it out to hide the jaggies (AA Assistant).

    I didn't think there were any, but going back to look at it, I can see some. I think I have fixed it. The new image is here:


    Cutting out images to use is very hard. I found it easier to start from scratch using the line tool for most of it. Along with layers - lots of layers, you can create some wonderful things.

    When you cut out parts, you can adjust the magic wand's tolerance so that you only take out the parts you really want out. It is very time consuming & that is why learning to Alpha Mask is your best friend.

    The image is very nice in colour & composition but a tad too blurry compared to the text. You will get better with time, trust me & you have some brilliant ideas going on.

    Thank you for the positive response. You know, these graphics are a lot harder than they may look. A lot of people think they were easy. God no. It takes time. Fortunately, I can make minor tweaks to most of my graphics because I save PSDs for pretty much every one.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I still need to work on the heart. It was a render I found online. I will keep posting updates, and one will be with the best version of the banner yet. I am, however, stuck for ideas so any ideas would be welcome.

    @welshblue: The link to the forum rules in my signature is there so that wherever I post, the forum rules can be easily found. I am helping the forum run smoothly because I didn't have it done on mine by the members. Forums are supposed to be filled with people who care about it and also the content, not for people to troll and start spamming and break the rules.

  5. Thank you. I have all the plugins so I will have a play around with them and maybe post the result. I will have some time on my hands over the next couple of days so maybe that will be where I play with the tools.

    UPDATE: New logo created for request.


  6. Thank you. And barbieq25, that is a spelling mistake. Thank you. It's from a show called The Glades (American show) and someone asked me to make it. I didn't realize the mistake until now. Thanks for pointing it out.

    UPDATE: Two new signatures!