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  1. Is this http://portableapps.com/node/26591 version of Paint.NET any good? I didn't think that there was an official version of the portable. I have ran the version that originates from the link on this page & it seemed to run OK. Is it recommended? It seems a bit out of date to me. Thanks, Daveski
  2. I was actually born in Worcestershire, but I was educated in Wales & have some Welsh relatives (& some Welsh ancestry). Also I lived in the Cynon Valley for quite a few years. So, although technically I am a Saeson I feel that I have a bit of Cymru in my soul. South Wales still feels like home to me whenever I visit it.
  3. Hello HELEN, thanks for the welcome. It certainly is an AWE-mazing program. There are few things in life that I regret, one of them is choosing to download GIMP instead of PDN a few years ago. I found GIMP such hard going that it put me off trying any other image manipulation programs for ages. They say that you learn from your mistakes ... I certainly hope so LOL!
  4. Hello barbieq25, thanks for the welcome.
  5. Thanks for the welcome nitenurse79. Yes, I nearly downloaded PDN ages ago but I thought I would give GIMP a go first. GIMP seems overly complex to a relative noob (like me) with image manipulation programs. What I especially like about PDN is that it has plenty of great simple effects & the like that an inexperienced user can utilise straight away. It's brilliant for touching up & improving jpeg files taken from a mobile phone camera. Quite a few people have told me PDN is as good as, if not better than, many Photoshop variants. I really am impressed with Paint.NET. I think it will be a bit of a learning curve however. Looks fun!
  6. OK, thanks for the info welshblue, is it a free service?
  7. Thanks for the welcome doughty, we've had a bit of rain interspersed with some sun of late here in England. No surprises there then. I suppose it being really sunny & warm all the time gets a bit monotonous. I think we are technically still officially in a drought in England. Which is a bit of a joke considering how much it rains here. It could be worse, I could still live in the Welsh valleys, the English have no idea what real rain is! LOL
  8. I had a look, but I couldn't really see anything. A bit 'white coloured cat in a snowstorm' if you ask me LOL.
  9. I watched 'The Big Lebowski' again the other night. It just keeps getting better.
  10. Yes, a really good pint (or two) of real ale.
  11. Hello, I'm Daveski. I am new to Paint.NET but I wish I had downloaded it ages ago. It really rocks! It is far more intuitive than the rather abstruse GIMP (which I have recently uninstalled) & yet far better than MS Paint. I'm really impressed. P.S. I have tried to upload an avatar from Photobucket (I made with PDN) & I'm having no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
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