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  1. I really should have thought of this earlier, but I tried a repair installation on .net last night and after that the Paint.net installer, and the application itself has started running again. Thanks for making such a great image editing application.
  2. Thanks for your help Rick. Unfortunately the installer locks up too, at the stage of 'removing previous version'. Having a look around at my system it looks like the uninstaller was mostly working as it has deleted all the files in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET with the exception of a subdirectory called 'Staging', which has just one file in it 'PaintDotNet_1784097574.msi'. If I re-run the installer (after allowing Windows to close it) it once again freezes at the same point.
  3. Hi Paint.net community I've been running Paint.net on various systems over the years, but on my primary Win 7 64-bit box Paint.net has stopped loading. Symptons are as follows: Paint.net does load, and after a few minutes wait a message pops up stating that there was an unhandled error, referring me to the pndcrash.log file on the desktop. I've tried uninstalling and resinstalling but no joy so far. I've enclosed the crashlog if it helps identify what the cause of the crash might be (the forum wouldn't let me attach the file). Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give. This
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