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  1. I have been using for several years now and I have a question. I save absolutely non of my images as .PNG. I save all of them as .JPG, since .JPG is the most commonly used format on the Internet. Is there a way I change the automatic setting from .PNG to .JPG?
  2. I never save images in the .png format. I always use .jpg or .jpeg. Is there a way I can change the auto save from .png to .jpeg?
  3. I have been using for quite awhile now and like it very much. There is one thing I would like to see, it would make using easier. Right now the default setting for saving is PNG. Unfortunately I do not use PNG, the universal setting for just about anything is JPEG. Is there a way to change the default setting from PNG to JPEG? I downloaded and installed the latest versio, 3.5.10 but it made no differense. I have been unable to find anything about this in the drop down menus.