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  1. Oh thank you very much!!!! I did it!!! Yeah It was not so easy to play with all those layers (I think I used 7 layers - one for each "drop", one for the text part and one as a grid, plus one which had the fifth drop which I removed... - ), but I managed not to drive myself crazy, which is a good result Here attached there is the finished logo, let me know - you experts - what do you think about it.. See you and thank you again!!!
  2. English is not my mother tongue, so I hope to make you understand what I mean (and I hope to understand your replies as well..). I'm new with Paint.NET but I' only trying to create a logo for a project of mine. This logo is composed by two things: the first one is the picture of the logo itself, than the second is the text part (which is not the hardest thing to do). What I'm trying to do is, once have drown the "subject" (a light blue drop, in my case), to copy and paste it in order to have other four copies of the same drop, but moved and rotated to create something like a circle.. You c
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