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  1. The "Finish" button stays grayed out and I can't commit changes. How can I enable this functionality?
  2. The Win7 jumplist feature is often underused and I'd like to see Paint.NET's list grow. For example, how about adding common tasks such as "Paste into new image" or "Acquire From Scanner"?
  3. Thanks! That worked. Although I'm now a bit hesitant to add my feature request - it's not groundbreaking enough to warrant a change in the Forum policies
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I guess this is number 2... Still, it seems strange that you can participate in bug reports but not "general" conversations. To the uninitiated it's a little arbitrary.
  5. Didn't come here to post a bug report - I wanted to submit a feature request. On the "Troubleshooting & Bug Reports" forum I'm allowed to post, but on the "Paint.NET Discussion & Questions" it says "You cannot start a new topic". Do I have to have a certain number of posts before I can add a "Wish"?
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