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  1. That's pretty AMAZING!!! How long would each image take you to achieve this? WOW!
  2. Okay, here is an example... If I wanted to completely remove this background and make it white... Would I need to go through all series of steps or is there an easier way... Thank you again!
  3. Thanks for your help... Yes, I can attach an image... Am I able to just provide a "link" to my website, as all of the images are there... Hundreds of them that I may wish to edit with white backgrounds... Seems like it may be quite a project... If I can't add the link, I will attach a few images... Please let me know... Kathleen:roll:
  4. Hello all... I'm new to the forums... Hope this is where my question should go... Is there an EASY way to remove the background from a photo and make it completely white? I mean, no "magic wand" or transparency %, etc... just a button I can hit to "remove background"... reason being, I need to do this for hundreds of images and it would be very time consuming to do it with the wand, etc... If anyone knows, PLEASE tell me... Thank you!