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  1. A big thank you to The Howler for an Excellent job hosting the SOWT #54 competition. :trophy:

    Congratulations to pdnnoob, optical illusions or not it's a fine 1st place entry.

    Nice job delpart and histi, congratulations and Kudos to all who took the time to enter.

  2. Flip - Great looking album covers; your sigs are really crisp with nice definition and an uncluttered clean look.

    Love your space scapes, especially Cloud_Planet. That is an extraordinary piece! Flawless merging of the stock clouds image, outstanding job on the sun rays and stars. The soothing green makes me want to stare at it for hours.

    Impressive... B) B)

  3. To be honest, I think one vote wasn't quite enough for this competition. In fact, I pretty much had to choose one of my 4 favorites by flipping a coin.

    PS Did anyone notice the optical illusion in my entry? I only noticed it just now, myself xD

    PPS Congratz on the 2k forum posts, goonie!

    I agree, one vote wasn't enough. Maybe in the future there could be an opportunity for each voter to cast thier vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

    Didn't notice the optical illusion until you mentioned its existence. So, is it the top of the letter T in the word paint tilting forward? :D

  4. @ barbieq25 - Each time I post something new, you're usually the first one to lend words of

    praise, encouragement, sage advice or all of the above. I just can't thank you enough for being

    there and paying it forward. :star: :star: :coffee: :coffee:

    @ Helen - You just made my week! After reading what you wrote I had a Vector moment (Despicable

    Me) shouting, Oh Yeah! Thank you ever so much for the glowing review and for challenging me to

    work outside my comfort zone. :star: :star: :star:

    @ NMD21 - Thanks for dropping by. :)

    @ dug - No apologies necessary... I am honored you took the time to visit and appreciate your

    words of encouragement. Thank you. B)

    @ delpart - Many thanks. B) My initial intent was to use the same background as my Marble N Wood

    piece. Spent more hours than I care to admit trying to get the glass ball and shadow to out shine

    all that wood. I was quite pleased with the outcome after coming to the following conclusions.

    1.) If it ain't working, you're forcing it.

    2.) Sniveling about it dosen't help.

    3.) Applying the Keep It Simple Simon method works 99% of the time, with a 1% chance that your

    piece will turn out looking like something that came out of the north end of a south bound horse. :P

  5. Thanks pdnnoob, a fine tutorial. :trophy:

    delpart - Your text cut is really crisp and that background is just way beautiful. B)

    nitenurse79 - It's good to see you working through these tutorials and obtaining great results. :D

    yellowman - Your art skills are awesome. B):wine:

    Here's my attempt.


  6. @ barbieq - Once again thank you; the feeling is mutual. :D:wine:

    @ doughty -

    I think you do shiny really well... I know that sounds goofy.
    It doesn't sound goofy at all, it sounds like a very nice compliment. For that, I thank you. B)

    Appreciate you stopping by and glad you found a favorite. :)

  7. My apologies for not responding sooner - got side tracked with work, the honey-do list and a selfish personal journey with PDN. :/

    Great textures ... and a great choice of colours. Abstracts aren't always easy, but a fitting image to a great title

    I only pretend to listen to my wife, she's my harshest critic but shes got the art qualification. So I've got to show willing ...

    (1.) Thanks Welsh - Your time devoted to this forum is most appreciated. :star: :star: :star: :star:

    (2.) I'm still my worst critic in my attempts at art, but when it comes to wordsmithing my wife has the qualifications. So it sounds like your art will keep improving

    as will my writing, wether I want it to or not. :|

    My hubby has quals in art too as well as teaching. He told me that once you know the rules you can break them. I think I missed a step

    Hmmm...I listen but not always. He also said that art is a journey that is personal & selfish by necessity. Very true.

    Finger painting - now that is definitely not easy to do with PDN. Like an oxymoron.

    (1.) Up till now I've always felt the rules of art are antiquated and would interfere with an artists creative freedom. The online research I've done so far has caused

    me to rethink my position. Looks like I need to learn these rules so I can feel extra wicked when I break them. Your time devoted to this forum is most appreciated as well barbieq. :star: :star: :star: :star:

    (2.) Admittedly my wife's finger painting remark torqued my jaws a bit. After thinking about it for awhile, I came to the conclusion that technically she is right. I use a mouse and keyboard... So yes, I like to create finger paintings on my computer. You got a problem with that? :lol: :lol:

    @Jaxon: Love the abstract and the marble works. Great use of tutorial mash-ups. Thanks for sharing them.

    You're welcome delpart and thanks for taking the time to check out my gallery of finger paintings. :D

  8. This is a pleasant surprise after being gone for a few weeks. Way to go nitenurse! :lol:

    Film Strip and Image in Panels are nicely executed and my favs so far.

    The way you've layed out your gallery leads one to appreciate your progress. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Welcome to the forum qyler.

    Your Christmas Poster is beautiful!

    Nice use of the splatter plugin in the background, great choice of colors throughout the piece.

    The snow is wonderful, but I especially like the tree. It's fun, creative and very original. Good job!

    btw. Sweet looking sig.

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