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  1. I have 3 computers and Paint is on all. I've been trying to make something all day and everytime I start something, on each of the PC's, Paint immediately goes to (Not responding) and just stays there. All computers are Windows 10 = latest update - 64 bit. Paint.net version on all is 4.0.16 Everything worked perfectly yesterday and I've not added anything since yesterday Any suggestions? thanks Karen
  2. thank you for the video... I'm on Windows 10/64 I right click on the icon / properties / and the "change icon" button is greyed out.. I've googled an answer to this and no answers... I think that I may finally have fixed it (uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote didn't fix the icon issue) I copied the correct icon from another location on my computer and just pasted it into the folders I keep these programs in and deleted the paint.net icon... so far, seems to be working thank you all for your help Kaen
  3. Hi Using Windows 10 and there is no option to change icon ;( I've not found anything current that tells me how to change the icon back. the two programs that are currently affected are Evernote and Nitro Pro 8 thanks
  4. I didn't pay attention to the update of Paint on two of my computers... and, have recently noticed that the icons of a few different programs now shows up as the Paint icon. CAn anyone tell me how to change the icons back? thank you for your assistance Karen
  5. Hi Fellow Arkansan Thank you sooooo very much for your help. I'm trying out the tutorials you've recommended now. Karen
  6. I have a logo that appears to be matte finish. Is there a way to make it appear glossy? Is there a plugin that will achieve that effect? Thanks Karen
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