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  1. Oh, that is a GOOD idea. It's a friend's computer and may be sometime before I get the chance to do what you suggested. Will post back with what happens. Thank you.
  2. Sorry for being late with image attachment with errors, but I see no one even tried to help with this problem. I have never had a problem like this installing the program in other Vista 32-/64-bit PCs, or even Win XP and Win 7. Has anyone got any ideas where to even start?
  3. Confused...as always at my age!

  4. Have tried Step 2 here. I have to provide an image with the errors as an attachment as I could not get a text copy. Have no idea why it is referencing drive "D" since the installation is being done on "C". Any suggestions of what to do or an explanation of these errors being generated by PDN installation? Thanks.
  5. Version 3.5.8: I installed a full plug-in pack that was recommended, but many of the plug-ins are reported as not being loaded because they are not compatible with latest version of Paint.net. Below is the plug-n report. Can you point me to the ones listed that are working with latest version? The plug-ins were unzipped and installed to the "effects" folder as instructed.
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