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  1. Any chance we are going to get tools extensibility in 4.0? The only things I miss in Paint.NET is this and separate RGBA channel editing.
  2. This is an idea I had in my pending list from some time ago; a plugin that enumerates all your currently installed plugins and allows you to delete them from inside Paint.NET. I'm posting this very basic first version to know if it is something that the rest of the community will use and consider useful before adding future functionality. My goal is to create an online repository of plugins (much like NuGet) where you can upload your own and install them from inside this tool. Download first version from here (decompress to Effects folder): <removed by pyrochild> PS: As this is a modified Effect plugin that doesn't perform any render functionality, am I transgressing any of the Paint.NET's plugin development restrictions?
  3. Thanks Rick, I always forget that dialog exists! The C++/CLI library was being compiled as x86 and the plugin crashed with a BadImageFormatException when trying to load it in a 64-bit system. It's fixed now!
  4. Hello, I'm in the process of updating a filetype plugin that uses a external library for some data decoding. In the old version the library was just a C# wrapper over a native DLL, but I'm trying to change it to a C++/CLI wrapper of the static version of the library and get rid of the extra dependency. The problem is that as soon as I try to open a sample file and Paint.NET starts loading the filetype DLL, it shows a "The file could not be found" error message box. The GetFileTypeInstances() method and filetype constructor execute without a problem, but there's some code between that and OnLoad that can't be stepped into. So, is there any way to know what it's trying to load and why? Cheers.
  5. Thank you, Rick! Now I have another question: is there any way I can access the document being saved from the funciton OnCreateSaveConfigUI? I want to give different default values to some of the properties, depending on the original ones readen from the loaded file and stored as document metadata. Is this possible?
  6. I'm doing a filetype plugin and when I'm loading a file I want to store some custom internal data in the current document (like the existence of mipmaps or not) that will be properly parsed when re-saving. Is there any way to do this?
  7. Hello, I have released a plugin I'm working on that allows you to load XNB textures (compiled with the XNA Framework, version 4). For now it only supports texture loading, but in a future I'll add saving too, and more missing options (DXT textures, mipmap chains, Xbox format...). Updated 06/28/2011: v0.3.0.0 features: Loads XNA 4 uncompressed Texture2D XNBs compiled for Windows or Windows Phone. Supported pixel formats: Color, Bgr565, Bgra4444, Bgra5551. New: loads Xbox assets. New: supports formats Alpha8, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5. Download v0.3.0.0 (current version): PdnXnb_v0.3.0.0.zip Download v0.1.0.0: PdnXnb.zip Project URL (includes source code): http://pdnxnb.codeplex.com