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  1. Thanks for the warning. I was indeed going to do that (assuming I can find out how...)
  2. Thanks for the reply both of you. Since the PDF format is vector based, I will try photoshop for this one. Loading and saving to it are both important, and I can't guess to see if its right. I need to be certain.
  3. For production artwork, I need to create a High-Res PDF file. I know I could use a PDF printer to create the .pdf file. The problem I'm having, is that they provided me with a template, which also is a .PDF file. I need to import this template into paint.net so I can paint over it. Is there a way to open .PDF files and maintain their dimensions (>300 DPI) Any help is really appreciated. They mentioned: Certified High Resolution PDF files with norm PDF/x-1a:2001
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