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  1. Thanks! And thanks for the smoothing tip! Much obliged! I've never been good at smoothing.
  2. My newest picture. For once, I didn't use downloaded pictures. "TF2 Gang's Day Off!" http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss135/bigboy4010/CG25sAvatarandSpray.png (The picture is too large for the guidelines) This was made for my Dad's train.
  3. Well, I'm no expert at photoshopping, but I sure do have fun with it. My projects include coloring my drawings (mostly train drawings), Team Fortress 2 related photos, and Disneyland stuff, and whatever else comes to mind. My "custom pictures" (so called) are mash-ups of pictures I find on the net, but i do take my own pictures if what is needed is available to me. I will post sources for those needed. "The Heavy Train" Sources: Train: http://images.art.co...00/10044048.jpg Heavy's face: http://www.halflife2...pdate-sized.jpg I made this one for a Disney fan-site. The new Fantasmic Dragon named "Murphy" ,for his many delays and problems leading to his debut, at 'Bucky's" grave. Bucky was the Previous Dragon's nickname. "Murphy Mourning Bucky" Sources: Hill: http://www.sacred-de...-cc-tag-350.jpg Sunset: http://carapro.edubl...set-1075hhf.JPG Grave: http://www.steatham....ve_rem_2009.jpg I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Criticism and helpful tips are welcome! Cheers! -Nathan
  4. Thanks mountnman, those might be what I'm looking for. I'll download them tomorrow. Thanks again!
  5. Nice abstract picture chrisco. 8/10 I'm not much of a critic, so please forgive me for giving a short description.
  6. Hello, I am Parrott Media. I am making a pictured based off of one of my drawings, and it requires that it can transform a flat, perspective image to make it look rounded. How would I accomplish this? Thanks a bunch!
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