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  1. becauseilearn , Thanks for that tip, I had no idea this program had split windows... and now screams of GIMP... no likey that... The two images I wanted to manipulate separately were shown as the background... but still no luck with what I'd wanted to do... I created new layers and yakikity yak... not doing what I want with a few simple clicks... too bad "bring to front" or "send to back" and a few other simple clicks aren't choices... too bad this seems more complicated than need be... I'm not a total moron... just impatient...and this app is not self explanatory... thus this forum... ack... thanks for the point in the right direction... you're a peach... this app however is NOT
  2. WOW, Rubrica that was fast... and thanks... but I am having a stupid moment... I don't know what the layers Window is... I see the layers "tab" (not truly a tab) at the top of the page toward the left... next to file, edit, view image and etc.... At the top right of the page I see a thumbnail image of what I am working on, which doesn't seem to indicate separate layers... the thumbnail at the top is the same as the larger image I am working on... it seems the 2 layers are merged, when I pressed control D these images became locked and move as one... vs the second image having been movable before control D...I can't get the "move selection tool" to select the image I'd like to play with... I feel awfully dumb... thanks for your help... if you could clarify what the layers window is (the thumbnails at the top right?) and how it would be apparent that the layers are indicated, separate and able to be manipulated, it might clear some fog from my poor little brain... Thanks again, your patience is very appreciated
  3. Hi folks. New here and enjoying the tutorials, very helpful. I can't however find a tutorial or a question addressing how to go back and change and image after adding a new one. Example, I go to layers, import from file, doodle with that image and then add another one, fiddle with that one, and then I would like to go back to the first image to make more changes, but I can't... I have tried everything I can think of to highlight, so to speak, the first image but cannot. FAQ didn't address this issue and nothing else I have read did either. Thanks for any tips.
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