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  1. I notice quote a few others having the problem of it hanging when you try to save a file. Used to work perfectly until 2 versions ago. As soon as I down loaded it I always have these hangs which means it's now totally useless, which is a pity because I previously relied on it. I had to switch to Picasa, which is slower. I tried again today out of curiosity and was pleased to see an upgrade available as I thought it must have solved the problem, but no different. Once you click save the whole thing just locks into not responding. I also noticed that in this form that everyone who has complained about this has basically been told it's their own fault for having a crappy PC or outdated software. Many have pointed out that they had no problem until the release which now bombs. I guess if you're giving something out for free you can afford to show such disdain for your "customers", but I'm surprised that you don't give a damn and treat your previously happy users like fools. Have I missed something?