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  1. Ego: No, I saw that, but it isn't the same. Its only similarity, IMO, is that it's rectangular with a border. Thanks anyway. Weish: That's just about perfect! I'm sure if I play with it enough I'll find it. Thank you!
  2. Sarkut: I sort of figured (the amount of links pointing there is frustrating) but I was wondering if it was cross-posted somewhere I didn't know about. Every google search or paint.net buttons brings up circular or glass buttons. PineappleQC if you could, that would be great!
  3. Thanks for not reading my post... "Tried youtube and these forums."
  4. A very long time ago (4 years? 3?) I ran across a nice paint.net tutorial for making a button like this: Now I can't find it at all. Tried youtube and these forums. Has anyone got an idea as to how it was made or where the tut was located?I REALLY liked this button.
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