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  1. Problem solved - either Comodo firewall or Microsoft Security Essentials prevented install - probably the latter but I'm not going to experiment until the next update comes out. Thanks anyway.
  2. I have used Paint.NET for several years and it is my most used program of its type. I recently moved to A Windows 7 i7 machine and loading ver. 3.5.2 went without problems. The update to 3.5.3 (or 4) failed, as did 3.5.5. The installer never gets past the first install screen. I uninstalled 3.5.2 but now I can't get it to load. NET. framework 3.5.1 comes with Windows 7, I've checked Windows Module Installer, which is on manual, Used Installer Cleanup (Paint. NET not found) and am running as administrator. Also tried installing as administrator but haven't signed on as full administrator (using "net user administrator /active:yes-no". I can't find out how to "repair" NET in programs and features since NET in Win7 is a feature, not a program. I suppose I try "sfc", which is benign, but may not work for NET. I also suppose I could disable the antispy/virus program and the firewall to see if that could help, but I'm afraid I'm clutching at straws and could use any help or suggestions that I might get from you folks. Thanks,
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