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  1. I have used Paint.Net for many years, but haven't found a plugin that can do this. I often need text that are not just in a plain line, but also not circular/wavy. Mostly I need a half circle of text and I cant find a plugin that makes this easy. I would prefer not to have to set a lot of parameters. Does such a plugin exist? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. My result with this tut.. it's simply awesome! Have been looking for a tut to make realistic gold text and finally found this one! Thanks so much!
  3. LFC - thank you soo much that did the trick I think i did pretty well for a paint.net noobie Def going to play around with this cool effect!
  4. Thank you so much for the link! is it possible to make gold text with transparent background - without a black frame around the letters? i need it for a sandy-colored website, black is a bit dominant
  5. Does aneone have the panelling plug in? i cant fint it for download anywhere.. i tried to do this tut without it but it looks bad
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