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  1. Ow! :oops: I'd noticed Window > Translucent but didn't link this option to the tool windows disappearing. I unticked it and hey presto, the windows remain in place when I use screen capture software. Thanks! Much appreciated.
  2. I searched the forums but couldn't find an answer for this -- if I've blinked and missed the glaringly obvious, apologies in advance. I'm trying to get screenshots of PDN including the tool windows. But when I try to screen capture, the PDN tool windows disappear, and don't show on capture shots. The first time I used Bug Shooting, the Colors window disappeared but the Tools and Layers windows remained: Thereafter the windows all disappeared whenever I hit the screen capture keys: I stopped and restarted Bug Shooting but all the windows keep disappearing. When I use ScreenHunter, all the tool windows disappear too. I can't see any options in either of these screen capture programs to stop windows from disappearing (or "hiding themselves" may be the way to describe this). Is there any way to anchor the PDN tool windows so they show up in screen captures? I'm using Windows Vista, which certainly has its quirks, tho' I'm not sure if they're to blame for this.