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  1. The Sooner the better. Thank you so much for your help. The real reason I'm doing this is I'm the head of a band, and I need to transpose a piece of sheet music sometimes. So what I'll do is covert the PDF sheet music to a .tif and than edit the image to the appropriate musical key. The thing is it's a big pain in the butt to go through the entire thing and copy and paste, and copy and paste, etc. So this would help me a ton. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Oh, that's disappointing. Having something like that would be very useful. Does anyone know if there's a plug in that can do something like that?
  3. Is there a way I can automatically replace a specific image in a project with another specified image? Similar to replacing text in a word document. i.e. I have in a picture a bunch of pictures of cats, dogs, and mice. (all the different categories of pictures are the same exact picture) Is there a way I could select the cat and make it and all it's other duplicates in the picture be replaced with the picture of a cow? Thanks.
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