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  1. Thank you for quick reply. I am not going to buy new license of Windows 64-bit for my old system. That would be waste of money as this is the first problem which can be avoided by using the described workaround. I will definitely use 64-bit system with the next system but this one will stay where it is. What do you say about the different behavior between opening the file FROM the already running PDN and opening the file WITH the PDN from windows explorer as desribed in the original post?
  2. Hello, I use your program and I like it very much. Unfortunately, I have problem with opening a picture file. Problem Description: I open the Paint.NET program. Then I click the Open icon or select File, Open from the menu. I receive an error "Not enough memory to load the image". Workaround: When I right click on the file in windows explorer and select Open with Paint.NET the the file is open OK. Picture details: Format: JPG (1 layer) Resolution: 7016x10552 I calculated the memory requirements for this image and it should be approximately 848 MB (I used the calculation found on your web (7016x10552x4)x(1+2)= 888 393 984 bytes)) Physical available memory is about 1.5 GB. When I open the file by using the workaround then it can be seen that it took the calculated amount 848 MB. There is still some amount of physical memory available as expected. System details: CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2 GHz) RAM: 2 GB (4x 512 MB modules, DDR400) VGA: ATI radeon 1950 Pro with 512 MB VRAM OS: Windows XP Home 32-bit English w/SP3 + all critical updates Could you please look at the problem? note: I have the same problem on PDN 3.5.2, 3.5.1 and 3.36. Thank you.
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