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  1. Thanks for the plugin! I have a question though: How would one save an animated gif or png-file in layers, without flattening it? Is it possible?
  2. 1. What's my mood like right now? Love of My Life 2. How's tomorrow going to be for me? Passion 3. What kind of person am I? Memory - That actually makes sence... I think a whole lot about my past 4. Am I loved? Separation Anxiety - If I am, I don't want that person to stop 5. How can I achieve my highest potential? Hand Drum Song - I should bang a drum?! 6. What should I do with my life? Vampire - LOL! I've always wanted to be a vampire! My future job. 7. Is everything really going to be alright in the end? Gypsy of Atonement - as long as I behave... as a gypsy? 8. What is my be
  3. RIGHT now, Engel by Rammstein. First Rammstein song I came to like, and what also got me into watching Neon Genesis Evangelion.
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