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  1. I just got one copy of age of empires, dynasty. I wish i can play it just bit longer. I like the graphics of the game.
  2. Listening to mindloop's "trip to trance". Old band and now where on internet.
  3. I'm not going to watch english premier league anymore. it just plain boring these days.
  4. Hi julia, welcome PDN forums. Hope you'll have good time here on forums.Looking forward to your Paint Dot Net work.
  5. You get new videocard but your processor goes down. now you need new processor. I wish i can get satellite tv.
  6. Listening to "Airbase feat. Floria Ambra Interfere(Kimito Lopez Loves Ibiza mix)".Nice music.
  7. Water. Single life or married life ?
  8. Even i'm running ABP and Chrome theme on firefox
  9. Vista gives you heart attack cause you lost data. Wish i can get my own hosting server.
  10. No, call pizza boy instead. Should i call them ?
  11. Lol sorry for that. I was unaware of any one will have it