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  1. Hi there: When I have magnified a page, and am using the Lasso to outline an object, how can I move the page down, rather than have the page jerk down when the cursor nears the edge of the page? Cheers, British_eh
  2. Sorry about the poor description. I have a grid. Now, should I add a layer as I want to fill in in red and black sequential colours, across the entire grid? I used MS Paint to do this, but the issue is the same. I would like the angled diagonal line from bottom, to top, to be straight and not free hand or such, and then fill in that area, with red, and the next with black, and so on. I would then repeat this time the whole grid is covered with stripes alternating red and black, on an angle. Cheers, British_eh
  3. Hi there> Thanks> What I am looking to do is fill in more of the blue, and then more of the red, so there is no gaps. It would appear that I would need to go to the original "skin" of the airplane then, to pick the correct colour? Then use the Lasso to make the doughnut, and then use the pencil to add in the missing colour? If I'm not able to do that it must be because I am on a new transparent layer? When I finished the original colour I hit "Multiply" which seem to make it a bit translucent, and then I reduced the opacity to 187. If I want to use this same colour, which was the light red of the wing, to fill in the gaps around the cockade, how would I best get to that same colour to use as fill in? Thanks for your help on this. British_eh
  4. I have this file I want to edit. I have used lasso and elliptical to enclose the area I wish to change. It is set up as a new layer. I have tried using the colour sampler to duplicate the colour of blue, and then the paintbrush to colour it in. I am trying to get a full, blue circle, mo black . Cheers, British_eh
  5. Hi there. Imagine a grid, where you place a point at the bottom of the grid, but at the top, your rectangle shape actually lines up one grid over. I set this up using lines, and then the same with the off kilter line. But now, what tool? I do want a straight line, and so lasso doesn't work well. The rectangle doesn't like the angle, so what tool will do this in Paintnet? It was done in PS, but that doesn't help me. Cheers, British_eh
  6. I have an airplane skin I am repainting. I have used the Lasso to encircle the wing, and then the same + Alt, to encircle two items on the wing I do not want painted. Go and pick my primary colour with the dipper, switch to bucket or paintbrush, and then put cursor on area to be painted,..................nothing happens? Ideas? Do I have to deselect something? I have selected a new layer prior to doing this. Thanks, British_eh
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