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  1. Here's a screenshot of my task manager when I'm installing PDN. There are three msiexec.exe shown at the time of install. Before installing I found just one there. I clicked on it and then clicked "end process" and started the installation. It was then that the new ones showed up.
  2. Hmmm. I don't have a MSIEXEC.exe running in my task manager at all. I do have two taskeng.exe files--one says it's from the system and one from my username. The description says "Task Scheduler Engine." I also have 13 svchost.exe running. Some say "local" and some say my username. The description says "Host Process for Windows Services." One of the svchost.exe files has a *32 next to it.
  3. There is a file (text document) named PdnMsiInstall but when I open it, it is blank. There is a folder named PdnSetup but it is empty...
  4. It seemed to be working that way, but then I got a message that said, "To install this product, use the set-up wizard."
  5. Hi Sarkut, Thanks for your help. My OS is Vista Home Premium (sp1). I've not had Paint.net installed on ths computer before. Yes, the installation attempt DID create a Paint.net staging folder. Thanks for your continued help. ☺ Jamie
  6. I had paint.net on my old computer and recently got a new Gateway laptop. I'm trying to install the latest version of Paint.net and keep getting the same error (1618) which tells me that another installation is already occuring" I'm not currently installing anything else. Any hints on how to fix this? I need my Paint.net!
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