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  1. Last year my buddy pasted away in a bike accident and on March 7 we are having his one year memorial and I would like to design a picture for the front and back of some shirts so I can give away to friends and family. I just dont have the skill to do all this so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it and also will the family and friends. So on the front I would like his picture and to take the background out and to say "When someone you love becomes a memory,the memory becomes a treasure."first part of words on top and second on bottom. And on the back I would just like it to say R.I.P. MBS 7.7.87-3.5.09 Forever in our hearts." and any design added to it is also welcome I want it to look nice Thanks.
  2. Yea I can install plugins now I will give that a try thanks men.
  3. I tried that say I want to lust leave my car in color and the background and everything black and white its hard to cutout all them edges perfect.
  4. Yea I did I know how to download them and have installed the plugin on paint.net but I cant really just highlight one object with Extractcolor if there is something else colored the same it is going to stay the same.I was looking to see if there was a plugin so I could just highlight or select one specific thing or object in a picture because the magic wand works but takes forever and it is not perfect sometimes it gets part of the other object I dont want.
  5. I cant never get the plugins on my paint.net I download them then what do I do I am using google chrome.
  6. I have a question I'm not that good at editing but I always mess around with my pictures and make them into black and white and leave another object in color.Usually I just use the magic wand and highlight what I want to keep in color but it takes so long and usually it is not perfect because it usually highlights part of the other picture that I dont want.I wanted to know is there a better way of highlighting just one object in the picture faster and easier?Thanks
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