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  1. ^ has an orange sig ! < New to the forums v Wishes he had photoshop, but cant afford it? Lol?
  2. Hello Guys Im new to these forums, been trying to set it up and stuff for ages but never got round to it Now im here it seems great. Soo urm i been using PDN for about 2 months now and im really enjoying it Hopefully i can learn some tips and tricks off the masters;) yeah and im a happy person that doesnt mind helping out and is friendly and is funny and has a sense of humour Soo yeah thats about it Kraze. Oh and heres something i did recently
  3. Urmm... im not sure if you could do that, Maybe try cutting out some of the object then pasting it to a new layer then add a drop shadow. You may need the drop shadow plugin. and then change the opacity maybee? Hope this helpss
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