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  1. i worked on this practically the whole week didnt finish early because of distractions & more important things but here it is
  2. thank you barbieq lol your name is hella funny lol but yea i might be posting something up 2day
  3. thank you to everyone for the props and the advice and all sorry for taking so long to post something else but i go to college tell me which one you guys like better on this one i actually made this one 1st and this one was the same image but i accidently added the weave image and i thought it was kinda koo oh i 4got i was hearing this song while i made it Now playing: Pixie Lott - Mama Do(Uh Oh,Uh Oh)(Linus Loves Remix) via FoxyTunes some trippy stuff
  4. something random just put it together
  5. made this 2day might use this on valentines day lol
  6. this time around i made a sig
  7. Thanx OMA really apprecite it I just made this one same type of shoe(supra skytops) tell me what you guys think
  8. lmaooo yea i know well actually i cut the pic out of something else did it a lil darker to fit in with the moon pic then just added the glass effect did this one right now i really wish i had the time like you guys to really get better at this im such an amateur lol
  9. can someone tell me why mines came out looking like this??? am i doing something wrong??
  10. im a beginner at paint.net i would really like feedback and constructive criticism i really wanna build my skills even with the lil time i have to use it lol its not really artwork but i adjusted a pic of a pair of my shoes
  11. does anyone know how to do it with paint?
  12. how can i cut out 1 specific part of a pic and putting it in another 1
  13. ^^ haha omg thanks i didnt know that lol but yea thanks though
  14. i cant find the pen or line tool? where is it
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