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  1. That was the problem, thought about it when I posted previous post. Tnx though..
  2. Hi, your pictures are not showing because you need to put them to a image hosting site first. A really simple one i use for quickness is tinypic, just upload your picture then copy and paste the link provided :wink: I did, I used Imageshack for these 2...
  3. Hello everybody. Obviously, I'm new here. I've strolled around for a bit, and had a try on some tut's. Paint.NET really is a great programme. My little brother really likes me for using it. But he should hate me. This is what I made for him, just trying out some features: Also, I've made something for a friend of mine, who's in the army: I don't know what to use Paint.NET for, for I'm very, very low on inspiration. By the way, I'm from The Netherlands, I'm masculine, above 19 - under 21 and a footballfan. Ciao!
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