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  1. ^ I'm not really a fan of coldplay, but they are growing on me, 7 / 10? Here is a great song with a great riff: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
  2. DAILY Google Chrome Firefox - For everything that doesn't support chrome PDN Word 2007 Notepad++ Windows Live Messenger Windows Media Player FREQUENTLY Halo PC BitComet WinRAR GMax Blender Macromedia Flash 8 OCCASIONALLY Fraps FLV player Format Factory AC3D
  3. The White Stripes - Seven Nation army, on constant repeat
  4. ^ Correct < Is boosting posts v Wants to give me money?
  5. Thanks, your stuffs really good. My avatar needs a lot of work though...
  6. I'm new too! I've been browsing the forums for ages, but never got around to making an account or anything, so I hope it makes my work better.
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