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  1. That looks pretty good. The only thing I don't like about it is that the blood looks behind the text.
  2. I'm working on a perfected version of this. But isn't blood blurry?
  3. NOTE: This effect will come out different each time. Sometimes it will look great sometimes it will not look so great. This is a sample output: Step 1: Start with a blank document. I used 300x300 Step 2: Write the text wished to be written in blood. Step 3: Duplicate the layer. Step 4: Select the bottom layer and add a jitter to it. Step 5: Get rid of the jitter above the letters. Step 6: Add a motion blur to the jitter layer. Step 7: Add a motion blur to the text layer with less blur this time. I used 11 for distance. Step 8: Merge the layers together and ad
  4. This is a sample output: Step 1: Start with a blank document. I used 300x200 but it doesn't matter. Step 2: Add a new layer with the text of your choice. Step 3: Repeat last step with a white coloring. Step 4: Add a jitter to the white text. Step 5: Remove the jitter above the uppercase text first. Step 6: Then remove the jitter above the lowercase text. Step 7: Add a downwards motion blur. Step 8: Add a gausian blur to the snow. I used 4 or so. Step 9: Duplicate this layer until you have reached a desired snow thickness. Step 10: Add a new layer with an elips
  5. Here's the way to make one of the results at the end. This tutorial continues off of the end of the first one. first upload a flattened image of the first one. Step 1: In a new layer add the same text you used in the first part of the tutorial right on top of the other text. Step 2: Add a gausian blur of the same amount you used in the first text part. (I used 2). Duplicate text same amount of times. (I used 3). Step 3: Add a new layer and make a elipse of the size you want the shine to go on. Step 4: Use the magic wand tool to select the text area. Step 5: Now invert the seel
  6. Here is the end result: Start with a blank document. I used 250x100 with a bg of 606060. Add a new layer and use the cloud affect (black and white) Effects >> Render >> Clouds... Add a color curve of whatever text color you would like. Adjustments >> Curves... Select the black text layer and add a gausian blur. Adjust the brightness and contrast to desired amount. Adjustments >> Brightness and Contrast... Add a new layer. Add text to the image. Make sure it is an easily readable font with sharp settings not smooth. Do this step twice. One w
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