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  1. It would be nice not to have to do that, but it isn't my biggest problem. Yes! Exactly, thank you, I was searching for that. It's a shame I have to actually hold down a button, but that's just my laziness talking.
  2. I recently switched from v.3.22 to the current and here's my problem. In the older versions I used to be able to deselect an already selected area using the right mouse button without holding the CTRL button, which means it was purely used for deselecting areas. In the current version, however, if you don't hold CTRL down while right clicking you deselect all, which means you have to use the deselecting using CTRL button if you want to deselect a certain area, which is very annoying since it deselects already selected areas but at the same time selects any unselected area. Soooo, my question is, is there any way to turn it back to the way it was?
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