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  1. Followed your advice n saved as .png which retained the quality. Cheers CJ, much appreciated
  2. @cjmcguinness: Thanks a lot for the tip It works well but does seem to reduce the quality of the flames quite a bit, hmm..
  3. Hi guys, Been messing about on PDN for a while now and thought it was about time I found something to ask all you experts about! Love this fire effect and am working on a simple use of it on text for a custom t-shirt for a friend's xmas present, so.. other than the obvious removing-the-black-with-magic-wand, is there a way to get a transparent background for my text using this effect? Obviously when you run it on a blurred black text on white background you get the black background with firey text (which looks great) just not sure how it would print on a t-shirt.. Cheers
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