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  1. And success! Thank you so much for the help, jiZer!
  2. "Libra" - MUCC. Fun and catchy song, too, even though it's in Japanese.
  3. Eh, I'll see what happens. Thanks in advance if it works.
  4. First and foremost, hello everyone. I first tried out Paint.NET during my Junior year of high school, and now that I'm a freshman in college, I continue to use it to this day. Very convenient program, that one. Anyway, I'm having trouble making a banner. I have the colour I'd like, but I also want to add a picture. Unfortunately, the picture seems too big for the banner (I'd like it to be a certain size -- W: 770, H: 100), and every time I select the certain section that I want, I can't seem to copy/paste it (the picture). So, basically, I just want the picture on my coloured banner. Any help would be appreciated. 3=>