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  1. Thanks. I put it there. Still, when I try to use it it does not show before sometime, and it sort of "hangs". is fine, it just happens with the plug-in. Is it compatible with version 3.36? Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Thanks I downloaded it and put the files in C:\Program Files\Paint.NET is that right or should it be in another location. Because it takes too long to open and to respond to the text edits. Any help. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Actually I need both. Sometimes I need to change the spelling of what I wrote, and sometimes I need to change the font size and colour ....etc I'm too lazy to recreate another layer and write all over again. Is there a plug-in to do these tasks? Thanks.
  4. Text isn't editable in Paint.NET, but you could resize it and recolour it using several different other tools. Thanks Andrew for the quick reply What are these tools? Can you recommend some? Thanks again.
  5. Hi I wrote text in Paint.Net And now I need to do some changes in what I wrote, in the size, and colour. But when I choose the text tool (the A icon on the tool box) and try to select what I wrote, it just won't select it, so I can't edit anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.