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  1. Sorry for double post! But I've updated the plugin. It does not use Indirect U.I for one reason, which will be revealed in the future. This update mostly brought speed improvements to the table. Enjoy
  2. whoops my bad, I'll edit it to make it my gallery. sorry about that
  3. for better and higher-quality viewing please visit it over at http://p13darksight.deviantart.com/gallery a sideshow is also available for viewing : http://s246.photobucket.com/albums/gg11 ... 1261692372 Theres too many to show at once, but I'll show some of my personal favorites. Dueling Ink Hidden Content: Made from a single brush stroke, then manipulated.Made entirety in Paint.Net Enjoy Spectrum Sig Hidden Content: signature i made recently.Enjoy and please give feedback PTC Dream Hidden Content: Inspired by a Dream I had Incredible Hul
  4. Thanks a bunch that looks a lot easier, then what I thought it would be. I'm a start working on that right away, since i have some time available to me.
  5. Actually I have not,any resources or documentation on it would be appreciated, I'll study up on it next weekend when I can get back to my computer, if not sooner.
  6. I've updated the plugin. Next update comes next weekend, if not sooner(depends when I can get back to computer) Here is what has changed: [*:2oxtumgd]Added a new mode called Normal...its no mathematical operations applied..at all. [*:2oxtumgd]Faster performance [*:2oxtumgd]Swizzle! [*:2oxtumgd]Changed up User interface To do list [*:2oxtumgd]Even Faster performance [*:2oxtumgd]Improved and Fixed User interface [*:2oxtumgd]Hardware acceleration and hlsl code usage!(its on the back burner...) Thanks for the support!
  7. I wouldn't call it exactly layer properties plus quite yet, although thats a cool name I might rename it later make it haha. I'm adding in some more Modes to it right now, as well as some other features. As for making it re-editable, I don' see why not, it'll require some extra work, but I don't why it can't be done.
  8. Not sure if this is around but, this is what I came up. What it basically does is take the intensity of the current pixel and performs some very simple mathematical operation on them to adjust the color of them. I plan to continue to improve the plugin later on, but for now why not release it? It features a very simple user interface. Made for Paint.Net 3.5.1 Version Snapshot of UI: It can be found in the Effects->Color Features of this plugin: [*:llg1a6j0]Perform Color operations on separate channels [*:llg1a6j0]Its like adjusting the layer properties...only simpler
  9. Not true, A pro in programming could recommend C++ while another one could recommend C#. Its all about preferences, for me I perfer C# over anything, like you i feel that C++ is a ugly mess as well.But lets not make this topic about which language is better as it will bring us nowhere.
  10. okay I found out what was wrong with the template.. The template was made with a 2008 edition of Visual Studio, where I have a 2005 Edition of Visual Studio, so they were incompatible, anyway I took one look at the template code and relized what I was doing wrong, I hadnt implemeted a IFileTypeFactory to my plugin, once I did that everything went smoothly. Thanks for the help, couldn't of figured it out with out you
  11. Right which is what I did the first time yet it crashes with that Error anyway I am downloading Visual CS 2008 Express Edtion Sp1 just to see. once again thanks for the help
  12. the template won't even open up when I choose to it in File->New Project->Visual C#->My Templates->Paint.Net FileType it says something about import , so I am thinking it is because I am not using C# 2008 Anyway here is the error i get The imported project "C:\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" was not found.Confirm that the path in the declaration is correct, and that the file exist on disk.
  13. okay I checked it out and I just copied and pasted the code into mine and made the absolute neccesarily changes still nothing Just in case I did infact something wrong here is all I was able to get as far as. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using PaintDotNet; using PaintDotNet.Effects; using PaintDotNet.Data; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Drawing.Imaging; using System.Drawing; namespace WES2DPlugin { public class Wes2D:FileType { public Wes2D() : base("WES2D", FileTypeFlags.SupportsLoading | FileTypeFlags.SupportsSavi
  14. yes, I hav the DDS file plugin, the IcoCur plugin as well, I do have the HD one as well but i never use that. But those all work like they are supposed to.
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