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  1. Hi, OK, I got it! (well - it was really easy...) Just in case: 1. create layer for the text 2. insert the text with the first color 3. switch to the layer with the geometry, which should be the mask for changing the text's color 4. select the relevant areas 5. switch to the text layer again 6. choose color changer tool an change the color of the text within the selection That's it CU Eike
  2. Hi, I think I have a very simple question but as I'm new to paint.net (and other painting tools), I don't know how to do this: I want to create buttons for a website, where there is a small image in the background and a text above. Where the text is above the image, it shall have one color (white), where it's above the background it shall have another color. How do I do this the best way? (It should be easy to replace the text easily, because I need more buttons . Thanks in advance! Eike